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The Full Story


We have been friends since we were teenagers and started a business together in our mid-twenties. With young children, cleaning was a part-time passion of ours. 

With immense creativity, the name MB Cleaning was founded and registered. (M+B)

As months grew into years, we established quite a reputation for ourselves, and our part-time gig had blossomed into an entire business. 

When the pandemic hit, like many small businesses, ours fractured into a hundred pieces. We were both left doubting whether it would recover or if this was the time to part ways. After briefly self-wallowing, we decided we had worked far too complex to give up. In the fall of 2021, we upped our 100% to 150%, and we not only grew our business substantially, but we were fortunate to expand as we had always dreamed about.

With many bumpy roads, hard lessons, blood, sweat, and tears, we are proud to expand onto our sixth team. 

12 years later, we are proud to have expanded to serve the Fergus and surrounding area, alongside Guelph's. 



“Established in 2011, we are a family-owned cleaning business dedicated to bringing order to the homes of our clients, career fulfillment to our team members, while contributing and giving back to our community.”


Integrity – dealing honestly with customers, employees, suppliers, and the community- the utmost in customer service

Responsibility – by taking into account the environment in which we do business, community views, and the common good

Profitability – by being conscious that an appropriate level of profit is necessary to sustain the business and allow our values to continue to be observed

Values for the Business - by providing quality products that are recognized as delivering value for money

Employees - by providing quality, equitable opportunities for development in a healthy workplace, with appropriate rewards.

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