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Meet The Team

Welcome to our "Meet the Team" section, where you'll get an inside look at the talented individuals who bring passion, expertise, and dedication to everything we do. Each member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional service and exceeding our client's expectations. From our creative visionaries to our meticulous organizers, we're a diverse group united by our commitment to excellence and our shared values. Get to know the faces behind the scenes and discover what makes our team truly special.


Owner, Administration, CEO

Meet Matti; with a keen eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge, she is the consummate perfectionist, always striving for accuracy and excellence in everything she does. Methodical and analytical, Matti thrives in environments where precision and organization are paramount. Her meticulous approach to management ensures that every task is executed flawlessly, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of perfection. Despite her quiet demeanor, Matti's sharp intellect and problem-solving skills make her a valuable asset in any team. With a commitment to quality and a penchant for structure, she navigates through life with a sense of purpose and determination, setting the bar high for herself and inspiring those around her to do the same.

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Owner, Health Safety & Wellness Specialist

Meet Becky; with a warm and nurturing demeanor, Becky thrives in creating harmonious environments where everyone feels valued and supported. Known for her patience, empathy, and reliability, Becky is the go-to person for lending a listening ear and offering practical solutions. Whether in her personal relationships or professional endeavors, Becky's steady and dependable nature shines through, making her an indispensable presence in any social or work setting. She approaches life with a blend of sincerity and diplomacy, fostering solid connections and a sense of unity wherever she goes.

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We are always actively looking for detail-oriented people with positive attitudes to join our team of strong women!

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