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MB Cleaning

Non-Slip Footwear Policy


MB Cleaning recognizes that slips and falls in the workplace are a leading cause of serious injuries. This program has been established to provide information and practices to minimize these risks.

Written:               November 24, 2023

Revisal Date:      November 23, 2024



Management and supervisors will be responsible for ensuring that they and all team members understand the need for proper footwear, which includes both support and non-slip, and for enforcing appropriate disciplinary action procedures where footwear is not worn correctly.  Employees are responsible for wearing proper non-slip footwear, preventing abnormal wear to company-issued footwear, and immediately reporting any defects or deficiencies to their supervisor.

Mallory Johnston will be responsible for the implementation, evaluation and effectiveness of the Footwear Program. Becky Hardie will be responsible for evaluating the current and new planned work to reduce or eliminate hazards that would otherwise require non-slip footwear. Appropriate footwear for these exposures will be determined and required where these hazards cannot be effectively eliminated.

MB Cleaning’s disciplinary action procedures outlined in the employee handbook, which include possible termination of employment, will treat the failure to wear non-slip footwear as required by this policy.

Team members must bring their footwear daily and remove it between job sites. Non-slip footwear is only to be used for in-door purposes for sanitary reasons.

Footwear must:

  • Be certified non-slip, non-marking soles

  • Include adequate arch support

  • Remain in clean, good condition

  • Be indoor use only

Note: Winter footwear should be considered during winter weather conditions.

Examples of inappropriate footwear include:

  • Flip flops or beach shoes

  • Open-toed or open-backed shoes

  • Slides or mules (backless shoes)

  • Sandals

  • Footwear with heels greater than 1”

  • Shoes with spiked heels

  • Platform shoes (soles greater than 1”)

  • Molded or plastic “gummy” shoes or "Crocs"

Risk specific footwear

Team members working in environments where wet or slippery floors are present are required to wear slip-resistant soled shoes. Acceptable slip-resistant shoe brands are listed in Chart B below.

Because the roles at MB Cleaning require standing for long periods or time, shoes should be lace up, over the ankle footwear to provide support and protect against joint injury and other MSDs.

Footwear purchase

MB Cleaning will reimburse the costs for non-slip shoes for all team members after 9 months of full-time employment (Up to $50 with provided receipt). Reimbursement for appropriate footwear is not necessarily offered on an automatic annual basis and is based on the need for replacement as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

If a team member has footwear that has been damaged by falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole or other types of incidents that may have prevented an injury, the employee may be reimbursed at the supervisor’s discretion, taking into account the circumstances involving the accident resulting in the damaged footwear.

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