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Matti & Becky

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Matti Keillor:

50% Partnership owner


Exceptional Organization and Managerial Skills

Intermediate Excel skills

Proficient in English speaking, reading, or writing.

Advanced client care management

Small business and finance champion


Workforce Management

-  Experienced in small business book-keeping

Highly skilled in

o   team coordination

o   client scheduling

o   employee delegations

o   time management

o   Conflict Resolution


Excel 2019 Introduction course

CCOHS 2015 WHMIS 2015 Managers & Supervisors

CCOHS Dealing with Difficult or Hostile Customers

CCOHS Psychological Health and Safety

My name is Matti (no, its not short for anything) I have been an inspired entrepreneur since I was a teenager. I am a wife, a mother of two teenagers, and have four cats. I have worked tirelessly to build the kind of cleaning service I would expect in my own home.  

Aside from MB, I have had the privilege to expand into another one of my hobbies - home decor! I own Blue Bird Decor, an online decor shop and hope one day to be able to open a store front. 

Although between the two I keep myself very busy, my drive is fueled by passion. I spent my twenties physically building a business brick by brick, and have spent my thirties expanding and learning how to not only be an amazing cleaner, but the kind of boss people want to work for. 

Becky Hardie – Liggett:

50% Partnership owner


Talent Recruit & Trainer

-  Conducts interview, orientation, and training for new team members


Health and Safety Delegate

-  Review, revise, and keep all health and safety policies current.

-  Provide needed training to all staff on the health and safety of team members

-  Adhere to policies and guidelines in accordance to the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

o   Workers Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS)

o   Workplace Safety and Insurance Board  (WSIB)

o   Ministry of Labour (MOL)


Valid Certifications:

Red Cross First Aid Level C & AED 

Red Cross Psychological First Aid and Care of Others

Red Cross First Aid for Opioid Poisoning

CCOHS 2015 WHMIS 2015 Managers & Supervisors

CCOHS Psychological Health and Safety

CCOHS  Certified in Health & Safety for Small Business 

CCOHS Dealing with Difficult or Hostile Customers

University of N.B - Psychologically Safe Leadership Certificate

Becky Lynn Art-158_edited.jpg

I grew up in Guelph and now live in Fergus with my family. 

With a background in business and a love of science and the arts, I find myself muddling between artistic projects when I am not working. I enjoy resin art, pyrography, refinishing, among other crafty things. 

I am a busybody who is always somewhere, doing something and usually biting off more than I can chew. 

I have a profound love and deep respect for small businesses and those who run them. I try my best to shop locally, connect within my community, promote, and collaborate with them as often as possible. 

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