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Our Difference

We strive to excel not only in our line of work but also as community members. Small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. Within each small business is a team of dedicated professionals. We are proud members of the WSIB excellence program as health and safety champions, and our team is proud of all the certifications we carry. 

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Reliable Leadership

- We and the staff are highly trained and diligently maintain the training and certifications needed to make the workplace safe and functional.

- As owners, we have 12 years of cleaning experience. This has taught us:


       -What is fair and tolerable for             our employees and what isn’t

       -Fair scheduling and realistic              time frames

    Experience with good working products/equipment


Client satisfaction

Incredibly high level of care for our clients and the reputation that our teams reflect.  

- Checking in / Individual reminders personalized to clients before service.

- We try and accommodate time frames as best as possible.

- Standard cleaning checklists left at each home for client review.

- Anonymous feedback surveys

- Following up with clients to ensure their voices are heard

- Detailed, consistent, and thorough services

- Guaranteed work – we return free of charge if a client isn't satisfied


Internal MB-Family relationships (Staff)

- Fair pay for labor

- Open line of communication for      feedback

- Bonus point system   

- Health and safety policies            enforced.

- Employee appreciation days

- Benefits to support the health of themselves and their families

- Reviews and Employee progress reports to enhance skills and motivate employees as to where and what is important to them.


Community Networking - Centre Wellington Chamber of Commence Member

- Interpersonal relationships

- Growing and supporting other small businesses

- Have a positive reputation – even to those who don’t require our services

-  Be known as a company that gives back to their community

- Be inclusive for all social classes regardless of income.


Female Empowerment 

- Female run business

-Members of PARO - Female based enterprise

- Values of equality and standing up against stereotypes portrayed on women in cleaning

- The word “Maid” – Demeaning, Outdated, Gendered; Women working as maids tended to be ranked lower in the socioeconomic hierarchy than the homeowners they were working for.

Occupational Health & Safety General Policies
WSIB Excellence Program General Policies
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